Friday, July 2, 2004

Petit-P returns!!!

Spend most of the day on the phone with a computer company trying to get my DVD working. Never did get it working with their suggestions. I'm now thinking it's a 'pin' problem.

Well after weeks my brother has returned. I must say I did miss him for a little bit, but as things get busy one moves on. I'm so glad his Mother phoned and allowed me to go with her to pick him up. I was so looking forward to this. She phoned ~@7:30pm and said come for 7:50pm so there was a rush. There needn't be the bus didn't arrive until ~@8:45pm. I filmed a little.

After we went back to his place. I took some photos and he started MSN'ing his friends. Must have been a long day for him 24+6 hours, but he looked very 'healthy'. I managed to get out of there before his Mother went to bed. I just know it's way too important for him to talk to her about the vacation as opposed to me. I'm sure we'll get caught up in the next few days. Looking forward to it.

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