Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Off to the P's Cabin,

~@11:00am today left for the P's Cabin (Cottage). I first popped by Petit-P's place to say good-bye. It took 2hrs and 45 min to get there. I arrived Brother and Family was there. The wife has lost 70lbs in the past 9 months. She's looking a lot better. The younger kid has lost weight as well. I don't think she's on a diet but by virtue of the mother being on one she's on one.

The weather was great. We went to the local town's fireworks. Brother went in another car and was ahead of us. They decided at the last minute to pay to go in and see the fireworks. It's $11/person + car + parking + etc. Kids under 11/12 are free. So they snuck the, 'elder' one in. I guess they had a much better view. We [Father, Mother and I] drove around the neighbourhood looking for a good spot. We first put the car at the local Church and found a place to watch the event. The problem it was raining. And we were inthe middle of a mountain of dirt. So we decided to leave 10 min. after arriving. Just as we were leaving other people were arriving. Clearly we had the right idea but probably arrived to early. The event started at 9:30pm and we had left @~7:00pm and it takes maybe an hour to get there. We headed back to the car and drove into a side street, parked and waited for it to start. The show lasted for 30 min. It's some soft of international competition. We had a reasonable view as we rested against the back of the car. Lot's of traffic on the way home. But remember the journey is the reward.

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