Thursday, July 15, 2004

More Shopping


  Went to TigerDirect`s. It`s a computer warehouse. Not much there of interest kind like that last time. And just like before I bought some headsets for the computer. Not really sure why. I`ll give one to France, maybe. After that I went to Fairview Mall. There was a couple of good deals on shirts and shorts so I bought.


  Next headed to the Kennedy Mall. There`s a Chapters and a CompuSmart. Still looking for Petit-P`s Spider-Man 1 game. It`s difficult to find. By this point and was getting bored and tired headed to The Scar. Town Centre (STC) to phone Rob at just after 5pm. On the way to the centre I caught a 50% off sports place and saw a Dad`s cookie`s place. The Dad place close minutes before I got there but the clothing place was openned. I bought a $5 pair of hockey shorts. Good deal I think. Since Rob`s car broke down earlier this week I went to pick him up and we went ot the Pacific Mall to eat Chinese. Nice. Haven`t talked to him in probably 11 months. So we had our usually conversation. Then we thought about a movie so we headed back to the STC. We were 30 min. late for Harry Potter and Shrek 2 I want to see on DVD and it was expenseive $13.00 for the movie so we said forget it and went to the mall. I bought some face paint, after looking for a water gun.


  Next we went to the Crispy Creams. Got a sample donut, and sat and talked until 10pm. I dropped him at home and returned to `my` place around 11:10pm. Went straight to bed.

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