Saturday, July 31, 2004

Cabin Vacation Fini,

Got back from my Parent's cottage today. Left ~@ 11:40am and arrived home @2:40pm. It was raining for most of the trip. The first place I went was Petit-P's place. And that was the first mistake. By the time I got my stuff out of the car, they were going out. I don't think France likes my 'popping' in. I would think after not seeing them since Wed. that it would be OK. So I had to immediately move the car. No problem I headed home. There's certainly something in the 'air'. Went home eat and slept a little. Prepared for the, "Olympic" competition @~5:00pm. Waited in front of Petit-P's place for a good 20 min, but they did phone @5:00pm to let me know where they were. Gave France the wine [I bought at my Parent's cottage place], she unfortunately had nothing to say about it :-( And Petit-P and I went to the competition. It was raining hard. We got our sits where I think everyone took any covered sits. Unfortuntately it really started coming down and oddly Petit-P's mom gave him nothing for the event (eg: umbrelia, food, money, clothing), I was surprised. He wore the shirt that certainly shouldn't be worn never mind to this event. We left after about 30 min. 'cause he wanted to go. Just as we were leaving it stopped raining. Headed back to his place and then to the DVD rental place. Rented, "Queen of the Damned", "xxx" and "yyy". Watched Queen of the Damned or at least part of it. His mother wanted him back by 9:00pm, so we were unable to finish the movie. Basically cutting my vacation early to come back for the sporting event with him was a waste of time. Had it been good weather I would have been really disappointed. Oh well. It seems recently that there's something going on. Not sure what. Petit-P seems more 'wild' and mother seems more 'cold' to me. I certainly can't think of anything I've done. Hope everything is fine.

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