Monday, July 26, 2004

My Car is broken into!,

   Well today was the anniversary for meeting France and Petit-P. It's been exactly two years since they first meet me in T.O. when they visited the Pope. But after France's girlfriend cancelled lunch for some strange 'speaking' problem, the day just went down from there. We went to a Chinese buffa(sp). Afterwards we went to Church. Through out the whole day I was trying to leave only because France gave me the impression she prefered to be alone avec Petit-P. Well I should have listen to my feelings because we ended up going to a place to roller-blade and my car was broken into. They went thru everything and one could tell they tried to 'brake' the steering wheel to steel the car, but unsuccessfully. But they did steel one important thing for me and that was my Camera case. It had two cables in it and a battery charger. It's a good ~$150. Completely useless for them [I would imagine]. Oh well. Go with your gut!

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