Tuesday, June 29, 2004

How to explain today?

I phoned ECY ~@10:05am and he was sleeping. Went for a great Bike rid to the school. Some absolutely amazing trails and sights to see. Took a quick tour around the University. There's a summer camp going on with tennis as part of it. Great stuff!

ECY phoned me ~@12:00pm he said Mini-pomme wanted to come over and grab a CD. Sure no problem. I finished the photo I did of him and posted to the Net. When he saw it it's really hard to say if he liked it. His mind was on something else. I like the photo - that's enough ;-)

We goofed around a bit played War Craft III and Need for Speed: UnderGround, just for a little bit. You watch these people play and one can not help be fasinated by the learning process. How can they possibly understand how to play when it's not even in their language.

Just before leaving for the Grande-Mall Petit-P MSN'd me from his vacation. Always great to hear from him but I couldn't chat too long 'cause we were heading out.

We left and went headed to the Grande-Mall, trying to time it for when APJ would be finished work. Well we end up stuck in the parking lot of the Grande-Mall where Mini-Pomme refuses to leave the car because he's wearing shorts that don't fit properly and he thinks that girls are going to look at him funny. Somehow it's ok in my place and around town but not in the mall!?!?!? So we ended up at FutureShop. For some reason there's no girls at FutureShop. Well not true this time. After this 'performance' I was reminded of just how much of a 'punk' some people can be. Moments of greatness followed by stup#$@. No matter entertaining.

ECY drove my car to APJ's work and they followed each other to ECY's place. Apparently not only did APJ's parents kill his dog [yes u read it right] but they sold the house and went on vacation. Leaving APJ for 3-4 days with ECY. That house must be 'packed'. No doubt a 'bundle-of-fun'. Saw Dom again today for a second, waved, no reaction.

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