Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Finally Finished....

Finally finished the photo, "EuroPe", the vacation photo with Petit-P. Took a long time, but I had put this photo aside for awhile.

Watched the DVD, "The Others". Not bad. But since someone had told me a while ago something about the ending it kind'a spoiled the movie.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Too long,

It simply takes too long to get Petit-P to have some fun. I spent sometime this morning talking to and hoping Petit-P would want to have some fun today. I'm not sure what his Mother's plan was for him, it looked like transfering some VHS tapes to DVD. Finally he agree to be picked-up ~@1:30pm. Oddly ECY phoned from his car [I think] and said he was coming over. I thought he would be with Mini-Pomme and I was right, they came over and I spent some time trying to figure out how to explain to him. Ultimately I failed and we went to pickup Petit-P at his place. With a little problem with his Mother I think not trusting me with ECY AND Petit-P at the sametime, we returned to my place, where we started some Excel lessons. After yesterday's intro in the car. Petit-P is quick to learn this stuff. We talked about sorting lists and his 'accounting' program.

After the lessons we played some games and even played outside with the water gun(s). Petit-P can be absolutely amazing when he wants to be. Tres Cool! I only hope everything is fine with his Mother we arrived 15 min. late. :-(

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Another Day in Montreal,

Oddly today was suppose to be a visit to the park because there was some sort of local coummunity 'hot-dog' thing. Then after visit Petit-p [who BTW: Is no longer petit :-(]. Oddly he phoned to chat but then said Mother and him were going to Montreal to go to Winner's. After too much back and forth I went along. I'm sure I wasn't wanted, but it's difficult to say. We visited some cousins of his after going to Winner's and A&W [which I haven't been there in a while]. A new baby had arrived in the family so they had to, "come-see-the-ba-a--by". Took lots of photos. I've come to think recently that with the problems of reproducing digital photography [eg. resolution and cost] and after seeing some, "professional" photos at their cousin's place, maybe it's better to consider, an 'analog' camera. Probably not going to happen.

It was raining on the way back so they dumped me off at my car ~@7:20pm and I phoned ECY. He sounded bored out of his mind and I told him I had a couple of DVDs I could bring by. He said, "ya sure". Popped by, did a little dance. Didn't know Mini-Pomme was in the closet. They gave me dinner. Everyone [except me] look tired. We watched some, "Family Guy" looked at some photos and then went to the Grande-M. Home by ~@11:50pm.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Watched a couple of, "Channel9" vidoes. Worked a little on, "Cradle 2 the Grave-P" [working title].

The day was boring. Went to FutureShop to see if the Wireless mouse that I've got a raincheck for came in.

They've got one type of it, but not the style. The raincheck is apparently good for 30 days so I'll try again.

The sales guys said Wed. and Sat. are when shipments come in.

Had some hot-dogs for diner. Not that interesting but I just didn't want the 'regular'.

Worked some on "Chair-P". Proving to be more difficult then it should be.

Friday, August 27, 2004

After School and DVDs,

Since high-school just started, I thought I'd go pickup Petit-P at school. I think I arrived a little bit late and the buses were leaving and I've never successfully caught him before he's got on the bus. Little disappointing but it was unclear what we were going to do after anyways.

Decided to go to rent some DVDs, "MatchStick Men", "Adam", "", "". Watched, "MatchStick Men". The movie was OK, but the behind the scenes was some much more interesting. It showed the full pre, prod and post-production process. It was a long documentary as well. Great stuff.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Got up for and appointment at ECY's 'car' place @10:00pm. We got there on time but I wasn't feeling that great since I was up late last night. It took 2+ hours for them to check the security system in the car. We took his friend home after.

~@1:00pm ECY had his final driving lesson.

~@2:30pm I went over to Petit-P's place with the water-gun(s). Kinda cool but he hadn't finished cutting the grass and for some reason wanted to leave early for Football practice. I dropped him off ~@3:30pm. Also saw Dominique for the first time since the Europe trip.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Finished more photos,

Finished three more photos of Petit-P, "Violin-P", "Muscle-P" and for the first time posted, "African-P".

Later in the afternoon went around the town with ECY. Visited his school. The 'photo' teacher didn't seem to be too interested. Went to go get APJ in his other town and bring him back to his 'girl friend's' place. Found out that APJ insurance company is only paying $5000.

~@8:00pm dropped ECY off for a party. It was later ~12:00am that he would phone and ask if it's OK to come by. He eventually came by ~@2:30am. I stayed up for ~25min. chatting.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Went to School,

Since the schedule was for Jul-2004 and I had some questions I thought I'd go and visit the campus. Didn't really get the answers I wanted since they referred me to the web.

Came home and finished off three photos of Petit-P. He was suppose to have his first Football practice today ~@3:00pm.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Boring Day,

Though it was a sunny day, I was rather bored. I started another photo, "Violin-P". In the morning I was impressed that Petit-P managed to change his entire web-site from a, "frame" based to a, "normal" web-site. I re-did the 'experiment' page.

I was going to go biking but the landlord recently moved the 'garage' and has appeared to some how jamed the door. I can't just sit around on a sunny day so I decided to do something else. The neighbour upstairs left a message 'cause she was having the same problem.

I went to Grande-Mall and sat in the car listening to the radio, for about 20 min., because there was an interesting interview with Simon Winchester who wrote the book, "The Meaning of Everything". I was so facinated with his voice I decided to buy the audible version of the book when I got home. I bought a belt, a wireless phone and some stuff atToys 'R' us.

Also started the photo, "Muscle-P".

Saturday, August 21, 2004

The Office,

Got a good deal on the DVD, "The Office" from FutureShop today. Season I/II for $24.99. Watched the first 3 episodes and another episode of the, "Family Guy".

Friday, August 20, 2004

ECY over last night.

Since ECY stayed over last night that meant a 'wasted' morning as he slept thru it. I decided to take the time and signed up for my first school courses starting in the fall. Looks like 2 Maths and a Physics so far.

In the afternoon we went looking for a electric razor. In the mail arrived my Camera's replacement USB cable(s) from eBay.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Montreal Visit.

I went to Montreal yesterday. Went with Petit-P and Mother. Her original plan was to 'dump' us off at Winner's and come back a couple of hours later. My God, how long can two guys spend in Winner's? So when her 'gentlemen' friend came to meet her, I begged him to take us to downtown Montreal, which was 20 min. away. He said yes and off we went. About 5+ hours later they phoned us as, Petit-P and I walked around shopping downtown. I bought a new Camera Case from FutureShop for $19+. I was hoping to find some cloths but didn't come across anything. Petit-P saw a leather jacket at, 'Simons' for $75, so his Mom bought it for him. I had to pay for his lunch earlier in the day to make up for the gas to Montreal. We returned to Winner's where we left the car. Did some shopping. His mom picked out 3 jeans for him. He showed me them. God I hated everyone one of them. The kids got a fashion problem. I tried to explain to him that they didn't look good.

We had a good time. Got home ~@9:00pm then ECY phoned and wanted to come over. It was a long day. He slept over

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

LAN Party,

Well today was the first time that I tried a, "LAN" party. Petit-P brought his computer [and his friend Mathieu] and we tried playing with three people. Not much success with the third computer. It was a reasonable day. We played, "True Crime". I'm not a big, 'gamer' anyways. I've begun to notice the Petit-P is getting more immature when with me. I'd be interested to know if he's changing with his Mom. He's very interesting when he's respectfull but recently he's sometimes acts like a Jack-A#$, and in a bad way. Yes, there a, "good-way". I love 'stupidity' but doing things that I tell him not to do repeatedly (4x with the unplugging of the mouse) is just stupid.

One of the other good things that happened today was my Camera Battery Charger showed up today along with the Battery replacement. I can start taking photos again!

Later on in the evening Petit-P asked about how internet servers are created and connected together. It's always fascinating to see the learning process.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Another day with Petit-P,

Went to buy 'fresh' ham today at the local butchers. Also went to Costco for buns, vegetables, etc.

Petit-P came over and played, "True Crime" for most of the day.

Watched the DVD, "PayCheck". Not bad. I had seen the ending at ECY's place before, so I wasn't really paying attention.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Another Crime!

Petit-P was with me early on in the day and we were just arriving at the local magazine store to pickup some golf photos when ECY phoned. He told me that his friend, APJ's car was stolen the day we got back from the P's place. I said it's not all bad the insurance company will pay for it, but apparently they've already said no. I'm sure he'll fight that decision.

I later went to the Grande-M with Petit-P. It was a perhaps a surprise that he paid for his own meal. I don't know. I don't mind buying him stuff here and there, but I know his parents are loaded, and me not being rich why should I always pay?! I'd like to see him get some cool cloths for back to school but I get the feeling that's going to be difficult, 'cause Mom's not going to like the style or the cost and Dad's never around to ask. And it's not something I can justify.

We left ~@7:50pm to get him home just after 8:00pm. I then returned and watched the DVD, "xxx".

Sunday, August 15, 2004

A Sunny day,

Today was great weather but after yesterday [and probably the vacation] was I pretty tired. Since I've been away for a few days headed to the Grande-Mall and FutureShop. Got some 'small' things at Simon's and went to Zellers to get some more hangers. On the way back rented some DVDs, "Hell Boy", "Perfect Score" and "yyy". Watched, "Hell Boy". It's more about fighting then anything. But it's OK.

Went back and touched-up the photo, "Harry Potter-P" and started a new photo, "Patio-P". Got some bad news that the Phil Mickelson photo that I did for Annie! didn't print well. This is going to be tricky since it printed OK here. I asked her to send the, 'proof' to me.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Not a regular day,

The day started with the final day/concert of Petit-P's Musique Camp. After the 'Attitude' situation from yesterday I wasn't sure how this was going to go. He phoned @~8:15am and said picked me up and get me to camp by 8:30am. I don't think so. So his Mother took him. I prepared for the concert that started @11:00am.

Went to the concert, found his Mom, sat down watched the show, while filming it as well. After took some photos but it took awhile to find him. Don't know where he went. I was happy to see that his Mom bought a 'calendar' of the event. There was at least two pictures of him.

After the concert his Mom left and we walked around the University. We ended up at his place @~3:00pm. Unfortunately his Mom said it was 'grass-cutting day'. It went exactly how it did the last time. My God. How can one be so picky about cutting grass? Her grass is not that good to start with so I wouldn't worry about how 'perfect' it's cut. I would think he's been doing it for a few years by now [maybe not] but just allow him to do it. Her 'reviewing' the 'job' after is a questionable thing. Both Petit-P and I no doubt are thinking the same thing that no matter what you do there's no way to win. It really creates an unfortunate feeling 'cause you know you can't satisfy someone. Oddly after she pampers him with a drink and letting him lay down on the 'new' swing upstairs outside the house.

So 'Mother' prepared diner and we goofed around downstairs on the computer. It was after diner that oddly the 'binary system' came up. I knew that Petit-P was more then capable of understanding it. So I said in 30 seconds you can understand it. And indeed it was rather easy to explain. He got it. I was happy. We also talked about 'nslookup' and 'ping' commands. He's a little stuck on the fact that he believes you can only program computers that have command-lines. So that whole Mac programming is confusing for him.

The night ended in a nice way by virtue of letting it just end when it was finished. I didn't leave @9:00pm, I left when we were finished ~@11:20pm. Cool!

Friday, August 13, 2004

It's all attitude,

Well today was the long (5hr 37min) drive back from the P's place. ECY was driving so that was a change. We were certainly both bored of everything and each other. The ride went smoothly it's just a question of mindset. You could 'explode' at each other or you can just relax and play. I know he's over joyed with using his 'new' car and it's certainly a cool car, but I get the point. I don't need to drive around in a 'hot-rod' and impress people. If that's what it takes then I guess I'm, "fuzzed".

The whole day was arranged so that I could get back in time for Petit-P's concert. And what a concert it was. I was very impressed. Petit-P didn't come out for awhile so I was a bit scared. I was thinking he might not be there or maybe I was in the wrong place. Eventually he came out. Made quite the impression for me anyways. Clearly the best dressed person. Not that others weren't dress up but my God Petit-p was, "all" there! The concert was also the best sounding violin concert that I've heard him at. I enjoyed it and it went for one and a half hours. Not too bad. Maybe it's an attitude thing when you know how long something is going to be and you have control over the situation [read: no one else with me] things go rather smoothly and then...When he saw me after the concert all he could talk about was his Mother's attitude. Apparently the day before both his mother and father {+girl friend} were at the "Gilligan" concert [which I unfortunately missed] his mother was upset that after the concert was over that he first went over to his father {+girl friend} and said hello. I don't know what really happened but you wouldn't think it would be so important. Then he seem to continue the conversation where we left off before I went on vacation with the horror movie topic. Good God. The attitude changed when we got back to his place and his Mother basically ignored him. She kind'a used me to get back at him by kissing me first. I don't know kind'a childish. I fortunately got out of there pretty quick [that's a first] and went home. Before I left I said if you need a ride call me.


Thursday, August 5, 2004

Today's my BornDay!,

Today was my BornDay. It was nice that some people phoned in the morning, starting with mon frere. After, Annie phoned. The biggest surprise was when the UPS guy showed up with a gift from FutureShop. It was a surprise that I got a DVD, "StartUp.com". I'm guessing it was from Alex [it's the kind'a thing he'd understand]. I wanted to watch it right away but I knew it would be better saved for later tonight. I did however watch a good 30+ min. Of it while I had lunch.

The day was mostly about starting and finishing a 'vacation' photo avec Petit-P [aka: African-P]. This one was rather complicated [it's got 15+ montaged photos in it]. I'm pretty happy with the result. The hardest part was finding the right size for the frame that France gave me. I would imagine there's a different, "margin" or "gutter" space for each frame.

Later in the day I finally got around to phoning ECY. ~@3:40pm I gave him a call and reminded him that it was my BornDay. He said he had to work tonight but maybe tomorrow. I continued to work on the photo. Petit-P phoned thru out the day. Always nice. Annie also phoned about the Battery Charger. I headed to the Grande-Mall to get the final price for the charger from the guy who quoted $50 before. When I arrived the other sales guy said $99+. The suggested list is $69 so forget that guy. I'll return on Friday to speak to the original sales guy. If I can't get it I'll order from T.O. I also found what I think is a good deal on USB cables on eBay. Locally one store said, $40 for a Sony one. Fuzz that.

In the evening ECY proposed that I pick him up after work and we hang out. Sure no problem. ~@11:50pm I arrived at his place we, "swapped" cars and went around town in his 'cool car'. After, back to my place and went to bed @~3:00am.

Wednesday, August 4, 2004


Today I finished another photo of Petit-P. This one is tentatively called, "Padl-Shoe". It turned out pretty well. And now with the printer I was given on my last vacation and can do some prototyping. Great stuff.

Went to the Grande-Mall to pickup the Battery Charger for my camera. The guy quoted $50 before when I got there today it's suddenly $100 from the, 'other' sales guy. Needless to say I'm not buying in. Suggested list is $69.99 (Cdn).

Well today was [also] about going to Rona and picking up and Hammer and some Neednose plyers. I'll use the first to fix the door that the painter, "fuzzed", and the second for taking apart the frame. Also went to Costco for some food.

At ~@ 4:30pm went to pickup Petit-P from Musique Camp. Looked for him for 10 min. and he was probably waiting for me for 10 min out front. Sorry. After went to my place for 5 min. to drop off the food and then off to his place. I was determined to leave really quickly but once again it's so impossible to leave quickly. I left ~@10:00pm. It's fun, but I don't want to get in the way. I want them to have their lives. If I could I'd be there everyday. It's entertaining.

Tuesday, August 3, 2004

Raining most of the Day,

Since it was raining I stayed inside for the day. Started the, "Shoe" photo avec Petit-P.

Monday, August 2, 2004

First Day of Camp,

First Day of Camp for Petit-P. It's a musique camp held at my University. It's a combo Violin [plus some others] and 'Drama' camp for 2 weeks. What does it mean for me? Well good question? It's certainly means I'll need to occupy my days. There's lots to do before school begins. First off today, pay tuition. ~$1218.00 :-(. I just happen to see Petit-P while I was there paying tuition [he didn't see me] but of course I was looking for him. He's clearly the oldest one there and I think it's a tough time for him to continue with any musical instrument, for anyone at this age. And he's obviously too old for this camp. I'd say the maximum would be 12. But good luck explaining that to anyone. I'm certainly not going to be able to do this. Recall I believe that it's the diversity of his, 'dual' life that makes him interesting. It's really fasinating how we try to change people to be something we want. Why is that? Would you want someone like yourself?

Sunday, August 1, 2004

Biking Riding and Trying to Fix the Problem with my nouveau Mother,

It was a great weather day today, but in the morning I ended up watching the DVD, "Secret Window". I good movie, worth the rental. In the afternoon decided to ride to the city's University where they were having the last day of the local, "Olympics". I rode around a bit and looked at the event. Stayed for about 10 min. then left. The ride home was easier and faster then I thought. Came home had some ice-cream and relaxed a bit. Later I setup the new printer and it works from XP no problem [well there's a small margin issue :-(].

~@8:45pm Petit-P talked to me on the computer and started talking about not being able to come over on Aug-05. Of course I don't remember inviting him in the first place. God knows why he would think this. There's certainly a communication problem. After his mother thinking that I said I would buy something that would convert VHS to DVD I'm really starting to be disappointed with the, 'little' things. Clearly kids need some control in their life.