Thursday, March 25, 2004

Annie! phoned ~@8:30am, re: Petie's contact info.

Had a meeting with the CSC204 Prof this moring @9:30am. Asked a lot of my questions but had to go to class @10:00am.

Had a CSC204 Quiz today. Guaranteed didn't do well. Not enough time. Since I'd been worried about this for the past 2 days, I decided to go to the Grande-Mall. Picked-up my new glasses as well as some u.wear. Then went to FutureShop. Bought Unreal Tournament 2004 and a Microsoft Wireless Mouse, $39/each, both on sale.

Played Halo with PetiteP.

The new mouse is kinda interesting.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Got a BlockBuster card today ~@11:00am. Rented 3 movies. ~$15.00. Continued to try to find a good Swing IDE. Installed the Java SDK [as opposed to the Java JRE].

Phoned T.O. re: Frames. Suppose to talk to them later today.

Went to the Grande Mall with ECY to buy a 'cheap' hat for his friend. Also bought a 'replacement' battery for Petite's watch. Also put a deposit for a new set of glasses ~@$135(+tax).

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Worked on my CSC121 Assignment. Took most of the day. Swing related so now I'm looking for a good Java/Swing IDE. JBuilder X seems to have problems with my machine.

Went to ECY's place after ~@8:00pm, talked more about the Framing stuff. Hold told me he sold a couple. Cool.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Went to FutureShop and bought, "Shindler's List" and DVD.

Went to Costco.

Returned the movie camera after meeting up with PetiteP at school. Decided to give PetiteP the choice of taking his machine back now with Windows or in a week with Linux. He took the first choice.

After went to ECY's school where he was in detention. Apparently not participating in swimming gets you 3 detentions.

Went to Dairy Queen for the first time with ECY and APJ. I think ECY talked to APJ about being, 'nice'. Not really sure what this is about.

Monday, March 15, 2004

School is on strike, therefore there's no school. Nice. I can use a few days off.

Spent the day trying to get some videos off PetiteP's movie camera. It was cool when I saw to new FireWire was working, but I need to find to cool editting software.

I only grabbed a few minutes of video, so I can play with it later.

Watch the 20th anniversary edition of, "ET" on DVD.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Decided it was about time to go to Church today. Unfortunately for the first time I woke up late ~@9:00am. Since Church starts @9:15am there was no way I was going to make it for the start I was just hoping to make it before it ended. I got there ~@10:16am just when it was finishing, just in time to catch PetiteP's Mother at the top of the steps. Pretty close. The sister said she missed seeing me in the past couple of weeks I'd I said the same thing. We proceded into the cafe and I had my usual Sunday morning tea. PetiteP showed up after a little while and we got chatted on every little subject you could talk about from Linux to Vice City to English humour, etc. Nice to see him again.

PetiteP wanted the computer back thinking I had already installed Linux or that I could finish it at his place, so we went back to my place and picked up his machine. I touch everything in the place. Very 'feegidy'. We returned to his place for breakfast a nice healthy meal. Always a pleasure. We eventually checked out the computer to see if there was enough room to install both Windows and Linux but no luck. And I wanted to get some files off the machine if we were going to 'wipe' it. I said I would take the machine back and give him a 'temporary' Macintosh monitor so he would have something to use for the week. So we headed back to my place again. When we got back to his place, while he was taking the car out of the car he broke the monitor stand. Disappointing. We got it setup and moved his 'old' monitor. His mother didn't want to pay anything to fix it and I'm not sure if they understood that the monitor I was giving them was just a temporary thing.

PetiteP's mother want to take him to the movie ~@3:00pm but I think he told her that he didn't want to go. Surely she was disappointed. I eventually left ~@4:00pm. On the way home I decided that I'd pop into ECY's place since I didn't have anything at home to do. Thank god he was there. And we had a really good time. Just generally good conversation. He took the car and drove to the other end of the town and he drove back. On the way his mother phoned and invited me for diner. Great. Went over and it was very nice.

Got home ~@10:20pm and had to wait until 12:00pm to see if my School was on strike for tomorrow.

~@1:20am the school update the web-site and indeed they are on strike.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Tried to get the CSC Intro course Professor to look at my first midterm exam. No luck. She didn't see my case.

Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Wrote the CSC Intro. course today. Seemed relatively easy however for sure didn't get question #2 (out of 6), therefore at best I got 34/40.

Got back the second assignment the, "Joespheus Problem" after re-submitting the assignment. Was 60% now 80%.

Got back the worse results from the CSC DataStructures course midterm today.

Went to the Grande-Mall to check more glasses. $280 for the pair I wanted.

Phoned ECY's place right after school ~@4:30pm to see if he wanted to go to the, "Grande-M" but he wasn't around.

Monday, March 8, 2004

Got back the Advanced Java Courses results. Not great, but no the end of the world. Fortunately the prof has an interesting method of evaluating the course and if you do better on the final then the midterm doesn't end up counting.

Studied for the CSC Intro course.

Sunday, March 7, 2004

Got up ~@1:00pm. But before MiniPomme came downstairs and er did the normal, 'rope' things. He seems to really be entertaining. Was looking forward to a nice diner but ECY's mother left ECY and I in the house to fend for our self.

In the afternoon, after ~@4:00pm went to MiniPomme's place to put in ECY new "P-Flow" into his car. Took lots of photos. Saw Mini-Pomme's P-IV computer and his new room in the basement. He seems to be into electronics. Wondering how much he knows, the stuff looks cool.

Saturday, March 6, 2004

Waited all morning to hear from ECY, but no luck. Went out after ~@1:30pm to see if he was home. Nope. Decided to go to the, "Grande-Mall". Before I went there popped into, "Illusions". Thank God I did. I found the shoes I wanted and on sale. $119.00. Perfect price, after all I was going to order thru the internet ~@$69->$89.00(US). Went toy ECY place for the night.

Friday, March 5, 2004

Leaving for home. Departed T.O. after having breakfest at McDonalds. Phoned the bookstore downtown to see if they had got their 'Friday' shipment. They said they did so I drove down and parked at a meter. It appeared they got six or so boxes but they didn't have what I wanted. Since I had a coupon for -$5.00 I bought two books, one on Java and the other on UML.

Left the city ~@12:38pm. Stopped at many places a long the way home searching for shoes. Found a pair of biking shorts for ~$19.00. Got home ~@9:38pm. Long drive. Phoned ECY's restaurant to see if we could get together after. He never got the message from the person who answered the phone.

Thursday, March 4, 2004

Filled out the forms to start a local business. Aunt wants to do a French Translation business. Also grabbed a domain.

Managed to meet up with her from (left ~@4:00pm to the factory) ~@6:00pm to ~@10:30pm. Very happy with what we got done. I also managed to get my 'scanning' done. Had a set of pictures of PetiteP. Some point I'll, "collage" them.

They gave me five frames with Montreal hockey players and some 'nature' shoots. Love to, 'sell into' the community out here.

Wednesday, March 3, 2004

Second day in T.O. headed to Scarborough and then out to Mississauga. Went to get a, 'hard drive' (80GB). First dropped into Fairview mall. Looking all over for shoes as well. Bought a RipZone shirt. I might give it a way.

Got back to the house ~@5:30pm.

Talked to Annie about arranging for tomorrow when we can get together for the 'web' work. She said she would take off from work @2:00p, and be at the factory for ~@3:00pm.

Tuesday, March 2, 2004

My first day of March break in T.O. I decided to visit downtown first. The theory being hit those places farthest away first. So I went to my favourite cheap bookstore. They didn't have much. I found one book I liked, "ASP.NET v2.0 in a NutShell" but there was a tear in the sleeve and pulling on it seemed to easily fall apart so I decided not to buy it.

After the bookstore I went to all the downtown places I could think of. I was also looking for a battery for my camera. Found one Young Street for ~$69.

After getting home ~@4:00pm, I decided to go to, "Square One". Went to a, "sports" place. I found a BillaBong sweat shirt for ~$76.00 but it was on sales for $56.00, also it was price wrong ~$26.00! The manager signed off on it. I was happy. I've spent $1000+ on t-shirts, etc. at this place. Love the cloths and the price.

When I left the store my car was, "talking" (ie. the horn was going off by itself). I managed to pull the plug from the horn but I'm worried that I'll need it fixed before I return home.

Monday, March 1, 2004

Left for T.O. today - a very nice drive. Took a different route which was a lot easier just followed the 20.

Left ~@10:38am arrived ~@6:30pm in Scarborough. Decided to visit the Pacific Mall where there's two computer shops I wanted to look into. Saw what I wanted then went back to the car. There was a 'backup' of traffic at all the gas stations. Turns out the price dropped by .10 the day before and was now ~0.63. Since I was unwilling to waiting in line I'm gambling the tomorrow it will be the same price.