Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Boring Day.

Woke-up did a quick one off of Petit-P with a Liberal sign, because I saw he had changed his MSN photo to a Liberal photo. Sent it to him. He didn't really like it.

Since it was sunny I decided to go for a ride. I thought I'd head to ECY's place, and maybe meet him there after school. Since summer school ends at lunch time I'd have to leave ~@11:30am. This was a little too late for me. Remember: never wait. I decided to leave ~@10:15am, and on the way I could pop-in on Petit-P. First mistake. Though he was online when I got to his place he didn't appear to be there. Some 'public' people just arrived to cut the lawn. I not really sure if he was there of not. I left after 1-2 min, continued biking down the street and phoned a couple min. later. Still no answer. Ok, maybe in the shower. Continued onto past the public pool and went into the forest behind Mini-Pomme's place. No trails there and a fence to stop you exiting. Second mistake. Heading back home, 'cause way to early for ECY and relaxed for a bit.

After having lunch I took the car to the next town west of here. Absolutely nothing out there. There was however a 'sex' place and a WalMart. On the way back went to the WalMart, picked up a pair of boxers. Headed home. Boy was I bored.

During diner watched the DVD, "K-Pax". OK. Finished ~@8:30pm and decided to walk to ECY's place. Mistake three. If you take the main street it's a pretty far walk. Took ~1hr. Arrived ~@9:30pm and phoned ECY. He was with APJ and Marylin, watching a movie. He said he phoned me after ~@10:00pm. I wondered around and headed to the Grande-M hoping he would phone. I waited until ~10:10pm and left. It was a long way home [I thought], but ended up not being too bad. Found a different way to walk back with a side entrance to the street. As soon as aI got home dropped into bed. After a ~2h walk [~8:30pm -> ~11:30pm] I was dead.

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