Saturday, July 10, 2004

A day avec ECY,

Arrived just after midnight ECY's place. He was funny. He pretended that when I got out of the car that I had run him over. Funny stuff. I need more of this. I had planned to bring over my most recent purchase of the DVD, "Family Guy", but I forgot the DVD and just brought the case. Dooooh. We did the usual watched TV until late. I got up several times in the night and I think ~@3:00am turned off the TV and the computer.

Woke-up ~@10:15am and waited for ECY to wake-up. Decided to wake him up ~@11:00am. After having breakfest we went to his friend Ron's place. He wanted to create a CD. As with other of his friends he seem pretty rich. He's got a big house and a piscine. After ~45/1hr we went to another mall near ECY's work place and to another place to pick up some food, recall his Mother went on vacation and left him some 'gift' cards to buy some food. So on the way home off to Provigo. Picked-up some stuff and on the way out the door he met some of his friends. I thought they looked a lot younger then ECY but he says they were older. In fact 18 years-1 month. They asked ECY if he could buy a cigar for them. We went across the street to the gas station and attempted to buy one. I thought they wanted cigarettes and would take 'anything'. Not so they wanted a specific type of Cigar. We left with nothing. Back to ECY place, eat some hot-dogs and wasted the afternoon until he went to work.

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