Thursday, June 3, 2004

Got up late, or at least I thought so ~@8:00pm, but no one else was up. I thought the P's got up and left without me hearing. After I saw no one else was up went back to bed for 1/2 hour. They pakced up and left @10:00am. It is a five hour drive. And they phoned after an hour or two when they got home.

After they left, wasted the rest of the day. Watch the remaining part of the DVD, "Riply's Game".

Talked to ECY via messenger. His friend now has an internet connection. We endup going to the Grande-M ~@11:15pm. One of his friend's friend was sitting in a car outside the place. I inquired as to what he was doing and was informed that he was waiting for possible work. Apparently he works there but is disparent for money so he sometimes waits for an extra shift. Unfortunately he has also dropped out of school.

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