Monday, June 7, 2004

Wow there's a mis-understanding...My first/last[?] rant ???

Went over to Petit-P's mother's place today to find out where the dentist is located. I need to go before the end of the month 'cause I'm in pain now. She help get me an appointment for tomorrow - no doubt I couldn't have done this by myself. But as that was resolved she asked me about Petit-P's computer. Hmmmm...

For some reason she thought that as long as I was living in town I was responsible for letting Petit-P use my computer. I really don't understand how she could misunderstand something so much. He has been without a computer since last Thursday. Let's examine this. Friday he's not there until after school. Saturday is the wedding [all day], Sunday [all] morning in Church. So how much can he really 'need' a computer?! You try and help and this is what happens. 'Am I obligated to fix all their equipment? So we talked and decided that no matter what it was best that they buy a 'multisync' monitor. I went to Costco, after she phoned her previous husband who said he bought two 'flat' screens for ~$149.00. Well when he says flat, he doesn't mean LCD-flat, a common misunderstanding. The Daystar G701 is available at Costco for the above price. I phoned her back ~@4:00pm and told her it seemed OK, after checking at FutureShop.

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