Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Raining again. :-(

We squeezed in the tour of all the 'sites' today starting with the University. A quick drive around then over to the Super-C and Dollarama, finally to the Grande-Mall. I thing everyone was tired after that. Back to my place for the P's to shower before gonig out to diner. Talked to ECY's mother to make arrangements for tomorrow. She said she would be dinner for the five of us, after picking up ECY at school.

Went to Benny Won Ton's(sp) for dinner. Meeting up with MNM @8:00pm. She showed up just after, but without Petit-P. A little disappointing, but he had a 'congradulation' dinner for some 'political' thing he is/was involved in.

Watch 3/4 of the DVD, "Riply's Game". Both Father and I fell asleep. I decided ~@12:00pm that I didn't want to stay up late and that we/I could watch the rest another day.

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