Wednesday, June 2, 2004

Woke-up to the P's re-arranging my place ~@9:30am. Ended up spending most of the day 're-arranging things'. The place has a more female presence to it. Plants and things on the table etc.

Went to Rona to pick up some screws for the bookshelf and haven't built in years. Tried to waste some time before dinner with ECY @4:30pm, but decided to come home instead and build the shelf. Arrived at ECY's place late ~@5:00pm and went to his restaurant as opposed to eating at his place.

Before going to eat we went to see ECY's car. The P's having only ever seen photos. Spent a good 15-20 min. there before heading to the restaurant. His mother went directly to the restaurant.

ECY being as social as ever got a long with the waitress. He said later that she liked me. ECY and I spent sometime after diner taking photos and movies of the restaurant. The P's paid for diner. I felt bad that they'd been paying for everything while they were here, but I just didn't have the money.

After diner everyone came back to my place for 'coffee'. It's the first time ECY's mother had seen the place, and ECY had not seen it since the 're-arranging' and cleaning. I know that he like it, but don't know about his mother. They left ~@9:00pm and being the last night my Ps were there we had a 'bitch' session.

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