Monday, June 28, 2004

Avec ECY,

Well Annie and Petit-P are both on vacation so it's going to be a long week. ECY phoned early today [~@8:50am] to go pickup his car part. More then happy to get going. Mini-Pomme was with him who I haven't seen in a long time. We head over to the car place ~@10:10am. ECY got his stuff and inquired about head lights as well.

After we headed back to his place for some lunch and I met the new 'house guesses'. His mother has a new helper. Actually she seems VERY nice. Apparently a volunteer. Certainly the right age for me. ECY says shes already got a boyfriend. Another new guest downstairs is the 'old' women and her son. I think that's a first that someone has brought their kid. 'Dom' didn't look like the happiest kid ever, but I guess what his Mom's gone thru[?] who would be. Of course maybe it's just a new environment and he's not used to it. I think they moved in yesterday. I think he will enjoy it. He can play with ECY and Mini-pomme.

Speaking of enjoying I had a good time 'hanging-out' with ECY. We took some photos of the new car part and he drove my car in the afternoon. We ended up at my place and it was the first time Mini-Pomme had ever visited. ECY never seems to like to sit still for 2 min. in my place but he's more of an non oeuf-tate. The entertainment ended at ~@3:45pm 'cause ECY had to prepare for work. I returned home and watched the DVD, "The Shipping News". :-(

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