Sunday, January 11, 2004

Woke-up ~@11:00am had a nice 'pancake' breakfast, and wasted the day playing with Mic's XBox [Tony Hawk Underground] and taking photos and screwing them up in PhotoShop. It was enjoyable. It's nice to be around people and I got to know Mic (aka: Mini-pomme) a bit. It was great to see his father make him sit down and do some homework late in the afternoon. I was planning on leaving before diner but was invited to stay and was easily convinced to do so. I wanted to go to FutureShop to buy a Sound/FireWire card but didn't take the time.

Around ~@4:30pm tooke ECY to his work place 'cause he lost his keys [again]. Unbelievably he found them in the snow near the garbage.

Had a nice diner and a fun weekend. Here's wishing every weekend could be like this!

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