Sunday, January 25, 2004

Waited for ECY's Saturday morning phone call, but before hand did a little house organizing, etc. In the end I phoned him ~@1:00pm. Headed over to ECY's place for ~@1:30pm. I told him the, 'plan' about buying dessert for everyone but perhaps I didn't really get my point across. I took him to work ~@5:00pm head home and relaxed for the night eventually starting a DVD, "The League of ExtraOrdinary Gentlemen". Watched about one hour before ECY's Mom phoned [~@9:00pm], she said I could come over in the next hour but not later, so I quickly packed everything up and headed over. The, 'plan' was to have a little social conversation with everyone, but when I got there ~@9:45pm everyone was in bed, including Mini-Pomme. Decided for some humour to take some photos of him sleeping. Then went downstairs and started to watch another DVD, "Bad Boys II". Wow that was good. Great dialog. It ran long and ECY phoned @~11:15pm told him I was @his place and expected him ~@12:00pm. Well he went out with his 'work-mates' and arrived ~@1:30pm. Went to bed within an hour'ish.

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