Monday, January 12, 2004

Well today was the first 'full' day of school. I also committed a bit by buying a parking pass [$55]. Was a good 15 min. late for the 11:30am class. Got to 'optimize' my schedule.

I talked to the head of the department about writing exception exam(s). He said it's OK, I just take other courses and write the test before the drop date.

PetiteP MSN'd me at the end of the day, sent me some weird movie about Mario 3 [~11 min]. Boy was he ever 'chatty' today. Cool. He wanted to play Halo but I haven't got it installed, yet. Sent him a link to the family #2 photos [w/ECY's car and Mini-Pomme].

Looked @my school schedule I'll sit in on CSC204 tomorrow.

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