Sunday, January 18, 2004

Woke-up ~@11:00am and wasted most of the day fixing [ECY's] computer. The fix seemed to be removing Norton Internet Security. This stops everything and there's no need to have it since he's already behind a firewall. Didn't get 'dressed until ~@3:00pm.

PetiteP phoned and wanted to know how to change his Mother's website, but didn't see that I had already changed weeks before. I was hoping he was phoning me to invite me over, but no.

Claud phoned today. Odd and short conversation. They said they would phone back next weekend.

Left ECY's place ~@8:10pm, went straight home.

Tried to setup an FTP server for ECY but he decided to go to APJ place, so I wasted ~1 hour.

I really need 'real' entertainment. This next week is when I have to finalize my schedule.

Talked to PetiteP via MSN ~@10:00pm. This is a hard person to figure out. Sometimes he's talkative and other times not at all. We talked about friendship. I think he gets his views on the subject from his Father and I don't really know how much he understands what he is saying. Though what he says about being social and making friends makes sense.

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