Thursday, January 8, 2004

First day of school. Wow - 15 people in my CSC class, but there's a good 60->80 people in the ECO class. I'm hoping I can use this as an 'elective' course.

Have to buy a parking permit. $55 for the semester. I'll buy one next week, after I sit thru a couple more classes, make sure things are going well.

Went to pickup PetiteP up from school today but when I went by the house I could see his mother was preparing to do the same, so I decided to go get some Q-Tips and pop by 20 mins. later and drop off the blankets and glue she loaned me for the move.

PetiteP was looking cool today. Maybe it was the [new] cloths I gave him. Of course I never looked like that in the particular shirt.

Stayed for about 40 mins, then went to get ECY from detention.

ECY and I went back to his place, but I couldn't go in 'cause his mother said her client was not 'stable'. No problem didn't want to stay for long anyway.

Went home had diner and waited for ECY phone call. He called ~@8:00pm and I went over. We wasted time trying to fix his computer then went to his restaurant for a hot choculate [$2].

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