Monday, January 5, 2004

Got caught up on Ken Tech's Radio that I missed after Dec-20/03. ECY phoned ~@2:00pm, so since I needed to go to the Univ. for an ID card I picked him up @2:30pm and drove to the University. Took <5 min. to get the card. Cool! ECY had to work @5:00pm so we went back to his place for 1.5 hours, then I drove him to work.

Pierre phoned just after I got home asking when I was going to return his car. The best time is tomorrow but I don't know if it can be arranged for then, otherwise Friday is good for him 'cause he comes to town after work and that would be a ride home but A) I don't know if he likes this and B) I don't know what my school schedule is.

I'm scared at what PetiteP's mom will say about returning the car. Oddly she had nothing to say when I took her to church on Sunday. PetiteP 'loved' 'ished the car.

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