Sunday, December 21, 2003

Waited to hear from PetiteP's mother today after Church. No luck :-( Periodically phoned through out the day starting @12:00pm, and a couple of other times later. At 3:30pm 'ish decided to go out 'cause I was bored. Just drove to the, 'grand' mall, went in the Sears side. The good thing about this is that I found a English bookstore and a Simmons, perfect for XMAS and future book purchases. After being in the mall for maybe 15 min. ECY phoned so I left to go to his place. We worked more on his Web-site, and played with PhotoShop. He's incredibly good @using PhotoShop for a 'first-timer'. The diner was good with Mother and boyfriend.

Just before diner I phoned PetiteP and got thru. Well this wasn't a good conversation...Turns out the Mother thought ECY and I were goffing(sp) off with the car, by going to the gas station [in the other city] and since I haven't made a final decision about buying it she thinks I'm using her friend Pierre. Clearly if anyone knows me this would be impossible. And certainly, 'UnCristian'. This has potentially created a 'huge' problem for future holidays.

ECY stayed over at my place, but before we went to find some pop/chips. We watch the 2Fast/2Furious DVD. Good 'car' movie. Started the movie @11:45pm. Have to phone ECY's Mother @9:00am tomorrow.

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