Friday, December 19, 2003

E-Mailed the seller yesterday's EBay's auction. Haven't heard back.

Found a nice little bug with Turns out if you don't change the Address 1 field and add another address it thinks it's the same address and therefore doesn't add it.

Danny didn't show-up (or call) :-(

Waited to hear from Pierre. No luck, re: the car.

Went to the, 'big' mall today. Wow was the road ever packed today. It's all about the 'lights' being programmed incorrectly.

Well it was France's birthday today so not knowing her for very long I bought her a CD. Well as luck would have it she already had it. OK no problem. Only thing is I went over there at around 6:15pm on the way back from UPS. They were going out to diner for her birthday which she invited me to before. I wasn't totally clear that she wanted me to come but she said if I wanted to I could. Well being I ask PetiteP to ask her if I'm coming. She said no. She said Pierre didn't invite me. Hmmmm. I was thinking of paying for this but I guess not. Boy, was that ackward.


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