Saturday, December 20, 2003

E-Mailed the seller AGAIN. Oddly he had time to post the item again [I'm becoming very concerned now] and to post feedback saying how quick I made a payment.

Heard from Pierre this morning [~9:30am] re: a new sticker for the car. Yesterday he said he'd drop it buy now he's saying come get it at some gas station. After yesterday's, "you're not invited to diner even though I made you wait all day for my call", you'd think he could at least do the ~20+min drive to drop the thing off :-(

Went to 'the' gas station took ECY with me. Good thing he came cause we got a little lost. The Licencse was there! GREAT!

Went to Reno Depot after and bought some small wheels. I want to build a small platform for the computer.

Went to FutureShop after to return PetiteP's Mother BornDay gift. No problems.

Went across the street to buy her 'replacement' gift.

Went to the local Honda dealer. Unfortuantely it was closed today, but saw a couple of cars I liked.

Went to bed @9:30pm, after all it's Church tomorrow.

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