Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Someone from the local Church phoned referred by a 'sister'. Seemed like a nice guy, unfortunately I asked him to e-mail me and haven't got anything. He told me about some local religious school. Hope to hear.

Danny came this morning, did the usual :-( Said he would come back on Friday to, 'finish' the floor and bathroom.

After he left I fell going to my car, since I had some packages I landed on my right elbow. Wow there's pain.

Went to return ECY's Headset to FutureShop. They said they would not return the money if I didn't have the original 'debit' card, but could put it on a FutureShop 'gift' card. So I did this and went looking for some stuff to buy. I was hoping to buy only a 'cheap' thing then ended up seeing some specials on software. Oddly I had a, 'conversation' with the FutureShop person if I could find out how much is on the card and they said no you had to phone a number on the back of the card. Of course as I suspected after purchasing the register tells you how much is on the card, but maybe it's because I was buying more than the amount on the card and it was, 'insufficient'.

Also bought some tapes.

Sent the Rogers HiSpeed modem back. ~$16.00 + $1.00 [insurance] + $1.00 [tape :-( ].

Oddly ECY phoned me @6:00pm'ish and invited me to his place. After yesterday this is wierd, but everything went fine. Came home ~11:20 pm.

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