Tuesday, December 2, 2003

Phoned Bell to change the date for the new Phone to arrive. Not sure if they changed the date for sending out the HiSpeed Modem? Went to the bank to get, 'temporary' checks for the upcoming car purchase. The bank said $0.50/check. Doooh. Been with them for 10+ years! But they said free if you order checks at the other counter. So I said OK went to the other counter and didn't order any checks :-) Phoned for insurance today, as usual they totally screwed things up. I don't know I said exactly what I had in T.O. Test to see if a chain lock would work on my new front door - looks like it's going to be a little bit difficult. Went to L'estrie for another part for the DishWasher = $1.10.

Spent most of the day unpacking Kitchen stuff - only one piece broke from the trip - a small plate. Brought back some CD-Rs for Petit-P to create a Win98 CD.

After work went w/Fr. to Costco. - Bought ~$271.00 of way too big laundry + food, etc. They didn't like using her card with my credit card so she paid, now I have to repay her.

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