Thursday, August 5, 2004

Today's my BornDay!,

Today was my BornDay. It was nice that some people phoned in the morning, starting with mon frere. After, Annie phoned. The biggest surprise was when the UPS guy showed up with a gift from FutureShop. It was a surprise that I got a DVD, "". I'm guessing it was from Alex [it's the kind'a thing he'd understand]. I wanted to watch it right away but I knew it would be better saved for later tonight. I did however watch a good 30+ min. Of it while I had lunch.

The day was mostly about starting and finishing a 'vacation' photo avec Petit-P [aka: African-P]. This one was rather complicated [it's got 15+ montaged photos in it]. I'm pretty happy with the result. The hardest part was finding the right size for the frame that France gave me. I would imagine there's a different, "margin" or "gutter" space for each frame.

Later in the day I finally got around to phoning ECY. ~@3:40pm I gave him a call and reminded him that it was my BornDay. He said he had to work tonight but maybe tomorrow. I continued to work on the photo. Petit-P phoned thru out the day. Always nice. Annie also phoned about the Battery Charger. I headed to the Grande-Mall to get the final price for the charger from the guy who quoted $50 before. When I arrived the other sales guy said $99+. The suggested list is $69 so forget that guy. I'll return on Friday to speak to the original sales guy. If I can't get it I'll order from T.O. I also found what I think is a good deal on USB cables on eBay. Locally one store said, $40 for a Sony one. Fuzz that.

In the evening ECY proposed that I pick him up after work and we hang out. Sure no problem. ~@11:50pm I arrived at his place we, "swapped" cars and went around town in his 'cool car'. After, back to my place and went to bed @~3:00am.

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