Sunday, August 15, 2004

A Sunny day,

Today was great weather but after yesterday [and probably the vacation] was I pretty tired. Since I've been away for a few days headed to the Grande-Mall and FutureShop. Got some 'small' things at Simon's and went to Zellers to get some more hangers. On the way back rented some DVDs, "Hell Boy", "Perfect Score" and "yyy". Watched, "Hell Boy". It's more about fighting then anything. But it's OK.

Went back and touched-up the photo, "Harry Potter-P" and started a new photo, "Patio-P". Got some bad news that the Phil Mickelson photo that I did for Annie! didn't print well. This is going to be tricky since it printed OK here. I asked her to send the, 'proof' to me.

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