Sunday, August 1, 2004

Biking Riding and Trying to Fix the Problem with my nouveau Mother,

It was a great weather day today, but in the morning I ended up watching the DVD, "Secret Window". I good movie, worth the rental. In the afternoon decided to ride to the city's University where they were having the last day of the local, "Olympics". I rode around a bit and looked at the event. Stayed for about 10 min. then left. The ride home was easier and faster then I thought. Came home had some ice-cream and relaxed a bit. Later I setup the new printer and it works from XP no problem [well there's a small margin issue :-(].

~@8:45pm Petit-P talked to me on the computer and started talking about not being able to come over on Aug-05. Of course I don't remember inviting him in the first place. God knows why he would think this. There's certainly a communication problem. After his mother thinking that I said I would buy something that would convert VHS to DVD I'm really starting to be disappointed with the, 'little' things. Clearly kids need some control in their life.

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