Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sale: Tower - GIT client for Mac

Tower - the GIT client for Mac on sale here.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Photo: Valcourt car

"Painting" of a old Valcourt car.

TopStyle 5 - Going on Sale ...

"TopStyle 5 is a powerful HTML5 and CSS3 editor with a variety of tools that will make your job better and easier. With TopStyle 5, you’ll have access to all of the latest HTML5 and CSS3 tags and properties, all with autocomplete. You’ll also enjoy Insight, Inspectors, and Validators that work together to help you to master all of the ins and outs of these new standards."

Going on Sale - Soon -> $ 79 -> $39(US)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Douglas C. Engelbart - dies at age 88

In December 1968 Douglas C. Engelbart set the computing world on fire ... In little more than an hour, he showed how a networked, interactive computing system would allow information to be shared rapidly among collaborating scientists. He demonstrated how a mouse, which he invented just four years earlier, could be used to control a computer. He demonstrated text editing, video conferencing, hypertext and windowing.". Douglas C. Engelbart, died Tues, Jul-02/2013 at the age of 88. Read more here.

Fight the wave of technology

"Indeed it can be disappointing to see each new generation needing to rediscover and reinvent each time the environment turns over. And we can all readily cite examples of where the new never quite recreates the old. Some great things are indeed lost

However, net-net I've grown to love the overall cleansing effects of these discontinuities.

As systems and apps age - gaining more features, more interfaces, more functions - they unavoidably accrete deep and broad complexity as a side effect of accreting value. Architectural complexity, development complexity, management complexity, usage complexity.

They can even accrete conceptual complexity. For example, the trivially simple and elegant "replicated document database & document routing" concept underlying our early Notes product evolved (by customer necessity) into such a conceptually burdensome form that huge services practices were ultimately built around it." - Ray Ozzie ... <read more>

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Photo: Old Style Car - Painting

Another great photo. Saw this great old style car at the side of the road, pulled over and ended up talking to some great ppl.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Microsoft: XBox ONE - The next generation XBox

Microsoft has revealed the next XBox. Officially called the, "XBox ONE". The specs as follows:

8 Core CPU
8GB Memory
USB 3.0

... more details to come ...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

SQL Trigger: Updating a, "Modification_Date" with a Trigger

Never found a clear example online of simply updating a database's modification date with when a row is changed so I thought I would post one:


 CREATE TRIGGER [dbo].[TRG_{TABLE-NAME}_Update_ModificationDate] ON [dbo].[{TABLE-NAME}]


 DECLARE @{UNIQUE-COLUMNNAME} [uniqueidentifier]




 {TABLE-NAME} = Name of Table to create the SQL Server Trigger on.
 {UNIQUE-COLUMNNAME} = Name of Column in table above that uniquely identifies a row.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Zabeen Hirji - What a prick !

What a prick RBC’s chief human resource officer Zabeen Hirji is. How can you defend poor hiring practice when they claim that it is not hiring foreign workers to take over the jobs of current employees, as technically those who fill the 45 jobs will be employees of iGate, not RBC. Watch this CBC Video where she lies about how RBC is, "helping" their [former?] employees. Perhaps it's a case of hire your own ? This image says it all !

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Laptops stolen MacBook Pro and Samsung UltraBook NP540U3C

Well my laptop(s) were stolen last night at: Cineplex Odeon Queensway Cinemas [Islington & Queensway] 1025 The Queensway Toronto, Ontario M8Z 6C7 Canada I would gladly pay a reward for information about the where abouts of these machine(s). The information on these machines (eg: personal photos, etc.) would mean nothing to other ppl but is valuable to me. 1) 13" MacBook Pro with French keyboard Has a user called, "TAF" and "Stewart" a wallpaper of the Epic film. Screen mockup here. 2) Samsung UltraBook NP540U3C 13.3". These were in a Kensington Laptop Bag. There is numourous cables, accessories, battery charges, etc. Along with these were suite cases of clothing and a new winter jacket. Contact:

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Young ppl r screwed

Great article on how jobs are changing and how the current gen will be screwed. Could not agree more with the article.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Visual Studio 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2022 - Download Links and offline instructions

Visual Studio Releases: 2012 -> 2022

Visual Studio 2012:
Update 3 - now available (Jun-26/13)

Visual Studio 2013
 - Initial Release - now available. (Nov-11/2013).
 - Update 1 - now available. (Jan-20/2014).
 - Update 2 - CTP 1 (Feb-05/2014).
 - Update 2 - Official Release (May-08/2014).
 - Update 2 - now available (May-12/2014).
 - Update 3 - CTP 1 (May-23/2014).
 - Update 3 - Release (Jul-29/2014).
 - Update 4 - CTP 2 (Sep-22/2014).
 - Update 4 - Release (Nov-06/2014).
 - Update 5 - Release (Jul-14/2015)

Visual Studio 2014
 - CTP 1 (Jul-03/2014)
 - CTP 3 (Aug-18/2014

 Visual Studio 2015
- Preview (Nov-12/2014)
- Release Candidate (Apr-29/2015)
- Update 1 (Nov-30/2015)
- Update 2 (Feb-10/2016
- Update 3 (Jun-27/2016)

 Visual Studio 2017
Final (Mar-07/2017)

 Visual Studio 2019
Final (Apr-02/2019)

 Visual Studio 2022 - Preview
Preview 4 (Sep-14/2021)
Preview 5 | RC (Oct-21/2021)
- Final Release (ETA: Nov-08/2021)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday, January 14, 2013

Acrobat Professional / Standard 8.x Installer problems?

Having a problem installing Adobe Acrobat Professional/Standard 8 on Win7/8? Getting an extraction error near the end of the installer (eg: 99% complete)? Does it ask to find the AdobePDF.dll file? Click cancel let the installer continue. Then apply the Acrobat 8.1.0 update. After which you can decide to install all the other 8.x updates found here. Note: Unfortunately you HAVE to apply them sequentially. I updated all the way to 8.2 and then was able to run the Adobe Updater to take it to 8.3.1 [the last update in the 8.x series].