Wednesday, August 18, 2004

LAN Party,

Well today was the first time that I tried a, "LAN" party. Petit-P brought his computer [and his friend Mathieu] and we tried playing with three people. Not much success with the third computer. It was a reasonable day. We played, "True Crime". I'm not a big, 'gamer' anyways. I've begun to notice the Petit-P is getting more immature when with me. I'd be interested to know if he's changing with his Mom. He's very interesting when he's respectfull but recently he's sometimes acts like a Jack-A#$, and in a bad way. Yes, there a, "good-way". I love 'stupidity' but doing things that I tell him not to do repeatedly (4x with the unplugging of the mouse) is just stupid.

One of the other good things that happened today was my Camera Battery Charger showed up today along with the Battery replacement. I can start taking photos again!

Later on in the evening Petit-P asked about how internet servers are created and connected together. It's always fascinating to see the learning process.

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