Thursday, August 19, 2004

Montreal Visit.

I went to Montreal yesterday. Went with Petit-P and Mother. Her original plan was to 'dump' us off at Winner's and come back a couple of hours later. My God, how long can two guys spend in Winner's? So when her 'gentlemen' friend came to meet her, I begged him to take us to downtown Montreal, which was 20 min. away. He said yes and off we went. About 5+ hours later they phoned us as, Petit-P and I walked around shopping downtown. I bought a new Camera Case from FutureShop for $19+. I was hoping to find some cloths but didn't come across anything. Petit-P saw a leather jacket at, 'Simons' for $75, so his Mom bought it for him. I had to pay for his lunch earlier in the day to make up for the gas to Montreal. We returned to Winner's where we left the car. Did some shopping. His mom picked out 3 jeans for him. He showed me them. God I hated everyone one of them. The kids got a fashion problem. I tried to explain to him that they didn't look good.

We had a good time. Got home ~@9:00pm then ECY phoned and wanted to come over. It was a long day. He slept over

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