Saturday, January 31, 2004

Went to ECY's work after midnight to take him back home. Slept over hoping to leave early because of the CSC121 assigment.

Friday, January 30, 2004

Today's the 'babysitting' day. I got out of school @2:00pm, finished the CSC lab an hour early. Headed home for lunch and to prepare the computer for PetiteP. I spent most of the afternoon configuring stuff. Fortunately I phoned before going over to PetiteP's place 'cause his Mother cancelled.

Stayed up to 1:30am working on my CSC Algorithms course. Got about 50% done.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Wow got back the CSC 127(?) Adv Programming Assignment #1 and got 100%. Went to pickup ECY's new BMX from Matt(?)'s place. Afterwards since I didn't have lunch today we went to the Grande-M.

Talked to Alex via Skype. Great technology. Long conversation but interesting.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Since the database class was moved to late in the day this week didn't get home until ~@5:30pm.

Made an appointment w/Honda to do some warranty work next week.

Did Annie's UnivPictureFraming business card.

Monday, January 26, 2004

5 minutes late for my first class, but the day turned out great because I got back three marks today: 100%, 100%, and 90%. Paid another ~$55.00 for one 'extra' credit.

Tired by the end of school but had to go food shopping and get gas. Gas $0.814! Put in ~$31.00.

PetiteP messeng'ed me and asked me to finish his, "Harry Potter" homework. I corrected it but didn't finish it. Chatty today.

Worked on my CSC101 Assignment #1 - Prime Algorithm. Wrote it up in 'code' but need to translate it to 'english'.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Woke up @~11:30am after Mini-pomme came into the room and started his XBox. He was playing, "Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic". Cool game. Then we went for 'breakfest' @~12:00pm. Goofed around for the day, but we first want to the, "grande-mall". He is a cool 'little fellow'. He ended up 'torturing ECY later with some rope. Cool. And once again his Father made him do some homework later in the afternoon, which was also cool to see. Took some photos and hung around. Near the end of the day he said he was a little sick but that wasn't clear why and he went to bed @~7:30pm. No good-bye. Uploaded ECY's school photo's to his web-site.

Left his place ~@8:20pm and went to Max's place [where ECY has bought another BMX] but Max wasn't there, after APJ's house. He wasn't there either, so we told his Mom we go get him from work since she was about to go. Got him took back to his place, returned ECY to his and went home.
Waited for ECY's Saturday morning phone call, but before hand did a little house organizing, etc. In the end I phoned him ~@1:00pm. Headed over to ECY's place for ~@1:30pm. I told him the, 'plan' about buying dessert for everyone but perhaps I didn't really get my point across. I took him to work ~@5:00pm head home and relaxed for the night eventually starting a DVD, "The League of ExtraOrdinary Gentlemen". Watched about one hour before ECY's Mom phoned [~@9:00pm], she said I could come over in the next hour but not later, so I quickly packed everything up and headed over. The, 'plan' was to have a little social conversation with everyone, but when I got there ~@9:45pm everyone was in bed, including Mini-Pomme. Decided for some humour to take some photos of him sleeping. Then went downstairs and started to watch another DVD, "Bad Boys II". Wow that was good. Great dialog. It ran long and ECY phoned @~11:15pm told him I was @his place and expected him ~@12:00pm. Well he went out with his 'work-mates' and arrived ~@1:30pm. Went to bed within an hour'ish.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Busy day again at school. 2 Assignments and a lab. Unfortunately the database class this morning was cancelled first thing.

Meet some Chinese guys today in class.

Phoned France today to make an, 'appointment' for ~@7:30pm.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Busy day as usual @School today.

Found a great deal on Polo shirt's today. $98.00 - 70% =~$28.00. Bought 2.

Also ordered two [school] text online.

Cancelled appointment for Honda to look @the car, because I had a 'surprise' assignment due tomorrow.

Took the camera to ECY's house ~@11:10pm.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Lots done today. Handed in the CSC121 Ass #1. Thankfully I e-mailed AND uploaded the code to the Univ. Since the e-mail failed I had a backup method. Decided to continue with CSC100 and not ECO. This is unfortunate 'cause ECO is where I've actually learned something, but since it's 'outside' the degree requirements and it looks like a lot of work it makes sense to let it go. Got back CSC116 Lab #1 ->100%. :-)

Annie and ECY MSN'ed me around the sametime [~@8:00pm], while I was 'homeworking', needed at least another 1.5 hours to finish CSC116 Ass #1. Also noticed after going to signup for the Database userID that there was another assignment for CSC207 that I DIDN'T GET!!! Panic. Will verify with the prof. tomorrow that he handed it out.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Up late doing the CSC121 assignment on Matrics. I only had the serialization part to do tonight, but there was a problem 'serializing the data. Turns out JBuilder was reporting a 'warning' the Java classes couldn't be found but still running the application. Well this causes the serialization to later fail. Side note worked flawlessly in VStudio.

Worried about tomorrow being the last day to add/drop courses.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Woke-up ~@11:00am and wasted most of the day fixing [ECY's] computer. The fix seemed to be removing Norton Internet Security. This stops everything and there's no need to have it since he's already behind a firewall. Didn't get 'dressed until ~@3:00pm.

PetiteP phoned and wanted to know how to change his Mother's website, but didn't see that I had already changed weeks before. I was hoping he was phoning me to invite me over, but no.

Claud phoned today. Odd and short conversation. They said they would phone back next weekend.

Left ECY's place ~@8:10pm, went straight home.

Tried to setup an FTP server for ECY but he decided to go to APJ place, so I wasted ~1 hour.

I really need 'real' entertainment. This next week is when I have to finalize my schedule.

Talked to PetiteP via MSN ~@10:00pm. This is a hard person to figure out. Sometimes he's talkative and other times not at all. We talked about friendship. I think he gets his views on the subject from his Father and I don't really know how much he understands what he is saying. Though what he says about being social and making friends makes sense.

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Went to ECY's place. Came back home ~@5:30pm and began CSC homework. Very productive. Stopped ~@11:57pm, and went to get ECY @work and stayed at his place. Not a bad night went to bed with an ~1 hours of being there. Was an OK night. Tried repairing the computer again.

Friday, January 16, 2004

Car started today, after Annie called, maybe she's good luck. Oddly though I got the times totally screwed up and was late for class again today.

Handed in my first assignment. Got the results back via e-mail. 100%. This is not the course I'm worried about.

Well, "Eddie" from school dropped his glove again. Nothing exciting but it's a great excuse to make a little conversation. Looks like a very 'social' person.

Meet "Simon" today. Unfortunately he finished the CSC assignment before Abdul(sp) or I but during the disk copy over to the professors folder and somehow lost his work. Don't know what he did and I tried to help but was interruptedby someone else and let that person take over. In the end he copied from Abdul.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Car didn't start AGAIN today. Stayed around the whole day at the campus but didn't have lunch. Spent the 1.5 hours 'spare' doing the CSC 207(?) assignment. That's good. After returning home started the car. Phoned ECY asking him to phone Honda about what to do about the few problems I have had and when can I take the car in.

Wrote up the assignment done at school during the day formally before diner.

ECY was watching a DVD tonight but I didn't get the invitation.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

First long day started ~@8:30am. Car didn't start had to take a Taxi to school [~$7.50]. Given this I had to spend the day at school and therefore buy lunch as well. Long day of classes. Took a 'tour' of the library. Prof. gave me a Java IDE CD. Handed in my, 'exemption' form for fees.

Another ~$7.75 to return to the house via Taxi. ECY phoned just as I got in the drive-way. Decided that it was worth going to pick him up 'cause I wanted the car to be used today, because of the cold.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Filled up the 'new' car for the 'first time'. Also went to the Grand-M. for diner.

First day of home work. Read 34 pages on Java classes.

Monday, January 12, 2004

Well today was the first 'full' day of school. I also committed a bit by buying a parking pass [$55]. Was a good 15 min. late for the 11:30am class. Got to 'optimize' my schedule.

I talked to the head of the department about writing exception exam(s). He said it's OK, I just take other courses and write the test before the drop date.

PetiteP MSN'd me at the end of the day, sent me some weird movie about Mario 3 [~11 min]. Boy was he ever 'chatty' today. Cool. He wanted to play Halo but I haven't got it installed, yet. Sent him a link to the family #2 photos [w/ECY's car and Mini-Pomme].

Looked @my school schedule I'll sit in on CSC204 tomorrow.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Woke-up ~@11:00am had a nice 'pancake' breakfast, and wasted the day playing with Mic's XBox [Tony Hawk Underground] and taking photos and screwing them up in PhotoShop. It was enjoyable. It's nice to be around people and I got to know Mic (aka: Mini-pomme) a bit. It was great to see his father make him sit down and do some homework late in the afternoon. I was planning on leaving before diner but was invited to stay and was easily convinced to do so. I wanted to go to FutureShop to buy a Sound/FireWire card but didn't take the time.

Around ~@4:30pm tooke ECY to his work place 'cause he lost his keys [again]. Unbelievably he found them in the snow near the garbage.

Had a nice diner and a fun weekend. Here's wishing every weekend could be like this!

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Heard from ECY today ~@10:30am, went to take some photos of his Honda. Really cold and the camera was out of power but we managed to get a reasonable starting set of photos.

Went to ECY's place. Meet Mic for [basically] the first time. Seems cool.

Watched part of the, "Terminator 3" DVD but didn't want to watch a lot of it because I'd like to see it later in English.

Toke ECY to work. Wanted to come back to his place ~@11:00pm and hang for an 1 or 2 hours then pick him up but that didn't happen. Just went home ~@6:00pm after seeing if FutureShop was open. It was not :-(

Went home and watched the first DVD I ever got, "Tomb Raider". Just before the movie end PetiteP MSN'd me. He's not really a conversationalist. I told him I was looking for entertainment.

ECY phoned just after Midnight. Cool. I wasn't at all tired and went to stay over. Surprisingly Mic was still up playing his XBox. We goofed around for awhile then ECY and I went to the Grand-M. Came back, Mic was in bed up stairs and went to bed ~@2:30am.

Friday, January 9, 2004

Second day of class. I'm really starting to think I'm in the wrong classes. Did go to a Calculus class that I'm not signed up for, but the professor only talked for <20min.

Rushed around all morning filling the parking meter.

Left ~@12:30pm. Went home and vegged.

Thursday, January 8, 2004

First day of school. Wow - 15 people in my CSC class, but there's a good 60->80 people in the ECO class. I'm hoping I can use this as an 'elective' course.

Have to buy a parking permit. $55 for the semester. I'll buy one next week, after I sit thru a couple more classes, make sure things are going well.

Went to pickup PetiteP up from school today but when I went by the house I could see his mother was preparing to do the same, so I decided to go get some Q-Tips and pop by 20 mins. later and drop off the blankets and glue she loaned me for the move.

PetiteP was looking cool today. Maybe it was the [new] cloths I gave him. Of course I never looked like that in the particular shirt.

Stayed for about 40 mins, then went to get ECY from detention.

ECY and I went back to his place, but I couldn't go in 'cause his mother said her client was not 'stable'. No problem didn't want to stay for long anyway.

Went home had diner and waited for ECY phone call. He called ~@8:00pm and I went over. We wasted time trying to fix his computer then went to his restaurant for a hot choculate [$2].

Wednesday, January 7, 2004

First attempt at scheduling my classes for the Winter 2004 term. Went pretty well, except the professor signed me up for CSC101, which seems a waste of time, but I'll go. Unfortunately it conflicts with ECO103.

Went to pickup ECY from detention @5:00pm, but after phoning his Mom looks like it wasn't tonight but tomorrow.

Went to Provigo for the first 'small' grocery shipping ~$36.00.

Wrote the English Proficieny test @6:30->8:30pm. The essay question, "Is it better to be part of a large or a small family?".

Tuesday, January 6, 2004

Went to the 'big' city [MT] today to return the SunFire. Left ~@12:30pm had to get some gas and a drink and was running about 10 min. late. Arrived in MT no problem but find Via Route took a little longer. Arrived @Pierre's place around 3:28pm. He had said it would take 15 min. to the bus terminal, well this was to the subway [by car]. He had a person drive me to the Metro but I got there ~@3:48pm. The AutoBus from downtown leaves @4:00pm. I arrived ~@4:10pm but by the time I found the erminial it was 4:28pm. The next bus left @6:00pm so I went looking for some food and did a little window shopping to waste time. Forgot to fix the DVD problem on the computer before I left so that was stupid.

Apparently taking DVDs with you while shopping in MT is not a good idea. The security systems in most of the stores seems to 'tuned' to the same 'channel' so DVDs and Cell phones [?] make the alarm go off.

Caught the 2:10hr:min bus [$29.00 - forgot to ask about a student fare] home then took a ~$7.80 taxi ride home. Home ~@8:20pm, watched the last episode of CBC's, "Human Cargo", then ECY phoned.

Was going to go to bed but since I hadn't had a really meal all day decided to go to, "Scores" with ECY and APJ. We arrived ~@10:39pm but they didn't want to serve us since they close @11:00pm, so we went to St. Hubert's. They close at the same time but didn't have a problem [serving us]. Unfortunately the food was the same quality as the first time ECY and I visited years before --- eeeeech!

Got home and went to bed for ~@12:10pm.

Monday, January 5, 2004

Got caught up on Ken Tech's Radio that I missed after Dec-20/03. ECY phoned ~@2:00pm, so since I needed to go to the Univ. for an ID card I picked him up @2:30pm and drove to the University. Took <5 min. to get the card. Cool! ECY had to work @5:00pm so we went back to his place for 1.5 hours, then I drove him to work.

Pierre phoned just after I got home asking when I was going to return his car. The best time is tomorrow but I don't know if it can be arranged for then, otherwise Friday is good for him 'cause he comes to town after work and that would be a ride home but A) I don't know if he likes this and B) I don't know what my school schedule is.

I'm scared at what PetiteP's mom will say about returning the car. Oddly she had nothing to say when I took her to church on Sunday. PetiteP 'loved' 'ished the car.

Sunday, January 4, 2004

Went to Church again today. Met another 'visitor' family. The 'kid' dropped a glass in the cafe. The mother is a Principle of a school in another small town. Odd the kid was all over the place, you'd think having a Principle as a mother that she would be more strict. But she spoke English so that was nice to have a little conversation.

PetiteP and Mother want to see LOR3 in French @12:35pm today, but I don't know if I can sit thru it again so soon.

Spoke to PetiteP after the movie. I think he liked the movie but it's hard to tell.

Saturday, January 3, 2004

Visited PetiteP's place today. He said come after diner. Of course diner is lunch in English. Glad to be back.

Wasn't sure which car to take, so I took the, 'new' car. Thought it's about time that PetiteP's Mom sees the car. PetiteP seemed to like/loved the car, "more room".

Went to PetiteP's house after getting back from Uncle Dave's place on Sat. and was planning on going to the Sat. Church Mass for the first time, but PetiteP got sick suddenly [aka: 'Grande M' food finished in 5 min., surprise] so he couldn't go. So I ended up going for 1/2 of it. After, one of the 'sisters' came back to the house and gave PetiteP and I the little 'potato chips' they make you eat at the end of mass. Ordered in a Pizza and spent the night with PetiteP playing with his new PS2 [game machine] and PhotoShop'ing and MeSseNging.

My god, I 'love' this family.

Friday, January 2, 2004

Had to leave a day early cause ECY has to work tomorrow. Plus he wanted to visit a person in his Honda 'club' to buy a P-Flow(sp). We only have an address (no name, postal code, e-mail or phone!).

Well we found the place no problem. The people seemed reasonable nice. The guy had a blue Honda SR-V so ECY and him got along well. We got there around ~3:15pm and the guy was at work but would be back ~@3:45pm. This was perfect, we would go the, "Grand M" (aka: McDonalds) for 'lunch' and come back.

When we came back he was there, probably spent about 45 minutes there. That's OK.

Got lost [during the 2nd part] on the way back. 1.5 hours out of the way :-(