Sunday, August 29, 2004

Another Day in Montreal,

Oddly today was suppose to be a visit to the park because there was some sort of local coummunity 'hot-dog' thing. Then after visit Petit-p [who BTW: Is no longer petit :-(]. Oddly he phoned to chat but then said Mother and him were going to Montreal to go to Winner's. After too much back and forth I went along. I'm sure I wasn't wanted, but it's difficult to say. We visited some cousins of his after going to Winner's and A&W [which I haven't been there in a while]. A new baby had arrived in the family so they had to, "come-see-the-ba-a--by". Took lots of photos. I've come to think recently that with the problems of reproducing digital photography [eg. resolution and cost] and after seeing some, "professional" photos at their cousin's place, maybe it's better to consider, an 'analog' camera. Probably not going to happen.

It was raining on the way back so they dumped me off at my car ~@7:20pm and I phoned ECY. He sounded bored out of his mind and I told him I had a couple of DVDs I could bring by. He said, "ya sure". Popped by, did a little dance. Didn't know Mini-Pomme was in the closet. They gave me dinner. Everyone [except me] look tired. We watched some, "Family Guy" looked at some photos and then went to the Grande-M. Home by ~@11:50pm.

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