Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bought a NexStar: GX 3.5 IDE External hard drive case. Seems to be working well.

Features include:
Smart Cooling (Fan turns on/off as needed in 'automatic' mode)
USB 2.0 HUB (3 ports)
Passive Heat Sink (Heat sin seats on the bottom of the unit)
Smart Power (Turns off when you computer does)
Security Slot (Allows you to use a security cable lock to prevent theft of hardware)

Bell and Twitter

Perfect example of the terrrible customer service you get from Bell Canada in regards to SMS messages from Twitter:

"Just for the sake of clarity, this is in no way related to Bell’s policy on 15 cent incoming SMS costs. Bell’s Julie Smithers said “Because Twitter is a third-party service, the messages are considered premium and not covered by our plans…This aligns with industry standards regarding third-party premium messaging". -Cell Phone Hub

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Adobe Hiring

So let get this straight:

1) Adobe layoffs 600+ workers
2) Then they hire back cheap student labor
3) Finally they compensate Shantanu Narayen [Chief Executive] an additional $16.4 million [in stock] in addition to his salary of $875,000 in fiscal 2008, up from $600,000 in fiscal 2007.

Nice :-(