Sunday, January 25, 2004

Woke up @~11:30am after Mini-pomme came into the room and started his XBox. He was playing, "Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic". Cool game. Then we went for 'breakfest' @~12:00pm. Goofed around for the day, but we first want to the, "grande-mall". He is a cool 'little fellow'. He ended up 'torturing ECY later with some rope. Cool. And once again his Father made him do some homework later in the afternoon, which was also cool to see. Took some photos and hung around. Near the end of the day he said he was a little sick but that wasn't clear why and he went to bed @~7:30pm. No good-bye. Uploaded ECY's school photo's to his web-site.

Left his place ~@8:20pm and went to Max's place [where ECY has bought another BMX] but Max wasn't there, after APJ's house. He wasn't there either, so we told his Mom we go get him from work since she was about to go. Got him took back to his place, returned ECY to his and went home.

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