Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Lots done today. Handed in the CSC121 Ass #1. Thankfully I e-mailed AND uploaded the code to the Univ. Since the e-mail failed I had a backup method. Decided to continue with CSC100 and not ECO. This is unfortunate 'cause ECO is where I've actually learned something, but since it's 'outside' the degree requirements and it looks like a lot of work it makes sense to let it go. Got back CSC116 Lab #1 ->100%. :-)

Annie and ECY MSN'ed me around the sametime [~@8:00pm], while I was 'homeworking', needed at least another 1.5 hours to finish CSC116 Ass #1. Also noticed after going to signup for the Database userID that there was another assignment for CSC207 that I DIDN'T GET!!! Panic. Will verify with the prof. tomorrow that he handed it out.

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