Saturday, January 3, 2004

Visited PetiteP's place today. He said come after diner. Of course diner is lunch in English. Glad to be back.

Wasn't sure which car to take, so I took the, 'new' car. Thought it's about time that PetiteP's Mom sees the car. PetiteP seemed to like/loved the car, "more room".

Went to PetiteP's house after getting back from Uncle Dave's place on Sat. and was planning on going to the Sat. Church Mass for the first time, but PetiteP got sick suddenly [aka: 'Grande M' food finished in 5 min., surprise] so he couldn't go. So I ended up going for 1/2 of it. After, one of the 'sisters' came back to the house and gave PetiteP and I the little 'potato chips' they make you eat at the end of mass. Ordered in a Pizza and spent the night with PetiteP playing with his new PS2 [game machine] and PhotoShop'ing and MeSseNging.

My god, I 'love' this family.

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