Tuesday, January 6, 2004

Went to the 'big' city [MT] today to return the SunFire. Left ~@12:30pm had to get some gas and a drink and was running about 10 min. late. Arrived in MT no problem but find Via Route took a little longer. Arrived @Pierre's place around 3:28pm. He had said it would take 15 min. to the bus terminal, well this was to the subway [by car]. He had a person drive me to the Metro but I got there ~@3:48pm. The AutoBus from downtown leaves @4:00pm. I arrived ~@4:10pm but by the time I found the erminial it was 4:28pm. The next bus left @6:00pm so I went looking for some food and did a little window shopping to waste time. Forgot to fix the DVD problem on the computer before I left so that was stupid.

Apparently taking DVDs with you while shopping in MT is not a good idea. The security systems in most of the stores seems to 'tuned' to the same 'channel' so DVDs and Cell phones [?] make the alarm go off.

Caught the 2:10hr:min bus [$29.00 - forgot to ask about a student fare] home then took a ~$7.80 taxi ride home. Home ~@8:20pm, watched the last episode of CBC's, "Human Cargo", then ECY phoned.

Was going to go to bed but since I hadn't had a really meal all day decided to go to, "Scores" with ECY and APJ. We arrived ~@10:39pm but they didn't want to serve us since they close @11:00pm, so we went to St. Hubert's. They close at the same time but didn't have a problem [serving us]. Unfortunately the food was the same quality as the first time ECY and I visited years before --- eeeeech!

Got home and went to bed for ~@12:10pm.

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