Saturday, January 10, 2004

Heard from ECY today ~@10:30am, went to take some photos of his Honda. Really cold and the camera was out of power but we managed to get a reasonable starting set of photos.

Went to ECY's place. Meet Mic for [basically] the first time. Seems cool.

Watched part of the, "Terminator 3" DVD but didn't want to watch a lot of it because I'd like to see it later in English.

Toke ECY to work. Wanted to come back to his place ~@11:00pm and hang for an 1 or 2 hours then pick him up but that didn't happen. Just went home ~@6:00pm after seeing if FutureShop was open. It was not :-(

Went home and watched the first DVD I ever got, "Tomb Raider". Just before the movie end PetiteP MSN'd me. He's not really a conversationalist. I told him I was looking for entertainment.

ECY phoned just after Midnight. Cool. I wasn't at all tired and went to stay over. Surprisingly Mic was still up playing his XBox. We goofed around for awhile then ECY and I went to the Grand-M. Came back, Mic was in bed up stairs and went to bed ~@2:30am.

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