Monday, August 30, 2004

Too long,

It simply takes too long to get Petit-P to have some fun. I spent sometime this morning talking to and hoping Petit-P would want to have some fun today. I'm not sure what his Mother's plan was for him, it looked like transfering some VHS tapes to DVD. Finally he agree to be picked-up ~@1:30pm. Oddly ECY phoned from his car [I think] and said he was coming over. I thought he would be with Mini-Pomme and I was right, they came over and I spent some time trying to figure out how to explain to him. Ultimately I failed and we went to pickup Petit-P at his place. With a little problem with his Mother I think not trusting me with ECY AND Petit-P at the sametime, we returned to my place, where we started some Excel lessons. After yesterday's intro in the car. Petit-P is quick to learn this stuff. We talked about sorting lists and his 'accounting' program.

After the lessons we played some games and even played outside with the water gun(s). Petit-P can be absolutely amazing when he wants to be. Tres Cool! I only hope everything is fine with his Mother we arrived 15 min. late. :-(

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