Friday, August 13, 2004

It's all attitude,

Well today was the long (5hr 37min) drive back from the P's place. ECY was driving so that was a change. We were certainly both bored of everything and each other. The ride went smoothly it's just a question of mindset. You could 'explode' at each other or you can just relax and play. I know he's over joyed with using his 'new' car and it's certainly a cool car, but I get the point. I don't need to drive around in a 'hot-rod' and impress people. If that's what it takes then I guess I'm, "fuzzed".

The whole day was arranged so that I could get back in time for Petit-P's concert. And what a concert it was. I was very impressed. Petit-P didn't come out for awhile so I was a bit scared. I was thinking he might not be there or maybe I was in the wrong place. Eventually he came out. Made quite the impression for me anyways. Clearly the best dressed person. Not that others weren't dress up but my God Petit-p was, "all" there! The concert was also the best sounding violin concert that I've heard him at. I enjoyed it and it went for one and a half hours. Not too bad. Maybe it's an attitude thing when you know how long something is going to be and you have control over the situation [read: no one else with me] things go rather smoothly and then...When he saw me after the concert all he could talk about was his Mother's attitude. Apparently the day before both his mother and father {+girl friend} were at the "Gilligan" concert [which I unfortunately missed] his mother was upset that after the concert was over that he first went over to his father {+girl friend} and said hello. I don't know what really happened but you wouldn't think it would be so important. Then he seem to continue the conversation where we left off before I went on vacation with the horror movie topic. Good God. The attitude changed when we got back to his place and his Mother basically ignored him. She kind'a used me to get back at him by kissing me first. I don't know kind'a childish. I fortunately got out of there pretty quick [that's a first] and went home. Before I left I said if you need a ride call me.


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