Monday, August 2, 2004

First Day of Camp,

First Day of Camp for Petit-P. It's a musique camp held at my University. It's a combo Violin [plus some others] and 'Drama' camp for 2 weeks. What does it mean for me? Well good question? It's certainly means I'll need to occupy my days. There's lots to do before school begins. First off today, pay tuition. ~$1218.00 :-(. I just happen to see Petit-P while I was there paying tuition [he didn't see me] but of course I was looking for him. He's clearly the oldest one there and I think it's a tough time for him to continue with any musical instrument, for anyone at this age. And he's obviously too old for this camp. I'd say the maximum would be 12. But good luck explaining that to anyone. I'm certainly not going to be able to do this. Recall I believe that it's the diversity of his, 'dual' life that makes him interesting. It's really fasinating how we try to change people to be something we want. Why is that? Would you want someone like yourself?

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