Sunday, August 22, 2004

Boring Day,

Though it was a sunny day, I was rather bored. I started another photo, "Violin-P". In the morning I was impressed that Petit-P managed to change his entire web-site from a, "frame" based to a, "normal" web-site. I re-did the 'experiment' page.

I was going to go biking but the landlord recently moved the 'garage' and has appeared to some how jamed the door. I can't just sit around on a sunny day so I decided to do something else. The neighbour upstairs left a message 'cause she was having the same problem.

I went to Grande-Mall and sat in the car listening to the radio, for about 20 min., because there was an interesting interview with Simon Winchester who wrote the book, "The Meaning of Everything". I was so facinated with his voice I decided to buy the audible version of the book when I got home. I bought a belt, a wireless phone and some stuff atToys 'R' us.

Also started the photo, "Muscle-P".

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