Saturday, August 14, 2004

Not a regular day,

The day started with the final day/concert of Petit-P's Musique Camp. After the 'Attitude' situation from yesterday I wasn't sure how this was going to go. He phoned @~8:15am and said picked me up and get me to camp by 8:30am. I don't think so. So his Mother took him. I prepared for the concert that started @11:00am.

Went to the concert, found his Mom, sat down watched the show, while filming it as well. After took some photos but it took awhile to find him. Don't know where he went. I was happy to see that his Mom bought a 'calendar' of the event. There was at least two pictures of him.

After the concert his Mom left and we walked around the University. We ended up at his place @~3:00pm. Unfortunately his Mom said it was 'grass-cutting day'. It went exactly how it did the last time. My God. How can one be so picky about cutting grass? Her grass is not that good to start with so I wouldn't worry about how 'perfect' it's cut. I would think he's been doing it for a few years by now [maybe not] but just allow him to do it. Her 'reviewing' the 'job' after is a questionable thing. Both Petit-P and I no doubt are thinking the same thing that no matter what you do there's no way to win. It really creates an unfortunate feeling 'cause you know you can't satisfy someone. Oddly after she pampers him with a drink and letting him lay down on the 'new' swing upstairs outside the house.

So 'Mother' prepared diner and we goofed around downstairs on the computer. It was after diner that oddly the 'binary system' came up. I knew that Petit-P was more then capable of understanding it. So I said in 30 seconds you can understand it. And indeed it was rather easy to explain. He got it. I was happy. We also talked about 'nslookup' and 'ping' commands. He's a little stuck on the fact that he believes you can only program computers that have command-lines. So that whole Mac programming is confusing for him.

The night ended in a nice way by virtue of letting it just end when it was finished. I didn't leave @9:00pm, I left when we were finished ~@11:20pm. Cool!

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