Sunday, October 24, 2004

Returned some of yesterday's DVDs and visited ECY

It's been a while since I've visited ECY and I needed to send a fax. I went there twice the first time there was no answer so I head to Zellers. Picked up some cleaning stuff and Holloween glow in the dark cream and some underwear.

Thought I'd take another chance and check if ECY was back so I drove by, "on the way home". Lynda was looking 'preppy' today. It looked like ECY did the, "hey I need some cloths" so I think she bought him some more cloths today. $110 sweater. I'm glad to see him spending money on cloths instead of the car. He showed me his new car tires ($500) and he did some painting of the motor.

In other news he says he's got a girlfriend now. Apparently one of the girls from the school photos. Good for him. I hope everything works out.

Watched the DVD, "I Spy" with Eddy Murphy and Owen Wilson. It was OK. Watced another episode of, "Six Feet Under".

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