Saturday, October 23, 2004

Petit-P's Last FootBall Game

Well today was Petit-P's last football game. It was an "away" game so I wasn't able to go. Got some studying to do anyways. Apparently it was a 'tie' game 16-16. Since they only won 2 games in the season they didn't make the finals so the season is over. I think he enjoyed playing and I managed to get a few photos. Not enough. But maybe in 10+ years he'll enjoy them. Wish I could have done a 'team' shot.

Finally did some Sat morning Blog reading but then suddenly thought I'd like to get caught up on some house cleaning. :-()

I passed by just after 5:00pm to drop off a mouse-pad and Family Guy disc #2. I was quickly 'booted' but it was OK I had other plans. As well Petit-P said he was going to a FootBall party. Great.

As the night went on I could see that he wasn't going to the party. Not sure what happened here.

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