Saturday, October 16, 2004

2% of Office???

Went to see Petit-P play his second last Football game. Since he didn't play very much I didn't get a lot of photos, but some turned out OK. I need to re-interate to some of the people involved that though the photos are somewhat interesting today it's my hope that it's in 10-20 years that Petit-P and his mother look at the photos and really enjoy them.

Got home ~@1:30pm and wasted a lot of the day watching DVDs. Watched, "All I want" and "Pitch Black".

What a perfect example of someone not getting it. How much of an Office zelot do you have to be? We know Office is a good product, but as Zaine Ridling (see comments from above post) correctly points out all people want is, "a typewriter with a spellchecker". Let's just get this working and make it stable. This is what people want. Does Grandma really need to attach an XML schema to her Word document? I think not. And certainly Alex Moskalyuk [the next commentor] makes a valid point, "why would you buy Office 2003 today if in 2005 Microsoft will release Office 2005...". Let's focus on what users want. Maybe it's time that Microsoft create a, "home" version of the Office Suite. In fact they could do this for all of their products. Maybe then we'll really see some useful features for Grandma.

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