Friday, October 8, 2004

More Six Feet Under: Season 1; Episode 1,2.

The plan: After doing the reading for Computer Ethics yesterday now write the 1 page essay. No problem. Ooops. First problem when the computer starts up it doesn't find Windows. Interesting Windows was there yesterday. Fuzz! Ok, no problem work-around-the-problem; use another computer. After doing an outline and just about ready to start the final version I hear a car pull up. It's ECY. Odd, he's suppose to be in school. OK if I answer the door he will explain in the first minute what he wants. Perhaps just looking for something, he could be on lunch! Nope. Turns out he fell on his back at school early in the morning and his friend took him to the hospital. Nothing serious but no work for a week. I wants to go look for another car, but I say after 1/2 hours so I can finish my essay. Probably 1.5 hours later I'm still not done but decided that he's waited long enough. We go. He puts a deposit ;-()

After we go visit, "Rouge-tate". Then waste sometime at my place. Then finally they go off I can either investigate my "Windows" problem or relax and watch a DVD...

Watched some more, "Six Feet Under". Well it's obvious it's a soap opera/drama. Kind'a pulls you in. After all I did watch Episode 1 and 2 even though I try to only watch 1 episode at most a day but it was a long week so what the he$%.

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