Monday, July 12, 2004



   First of my vacation. Left 11:00am, but just before dropped off the VCD at France`s place. It was a long drive 8+ hours, but I was `making good time` until they pulled us off the highway for 45+ min. Then just inside of Scar. I started hearing a car noise. I went to the Pacific Mall. When I parked I looked under and saw something hanging down. Went into the mall and bought a new Dual-layer DVD writer for $136/9+tax. Seems like a good deal. The only thing is it`s so new no media is available. The guy said in Aug, but if you want it now $30. On the way out I could hear the `thing`dragging so I went to the nearest `mechanic` the guy `knocked`the piece off, said it was the cover to the catalitic(sp) convertor and it wasn`t important and you can go a get it spot welded back on, but it was OK to drive. So I put it into my trunk and continued on. I arrived at 8:30pm which was really good timing considering when I left. Chatted to Carmen and Jo. Had a shower. Stayed up and watched some late night TV, recall I don`t have a TV and went to bed.

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